English Meals



English meals are often called not to be tasty. But I've never thought badly of it and I am always satisfied with it. Not only the good taste but the price and the service gratifies me whenever I have and wherever I have. There is only one thing that I can't feel good taste ,that is , Marmite. It looks black strawberry jam but if you have a sip you will be amazed by the peculiar taste. It has a sticky acid taste and a particular bitter aftertaste. However, it has been made for a long time in England and there are a lot of people who like it.
Indeed English food is not much familiar as French and Italian and there is something unpleasant taste depending on their culture, but I always try to enjoy the whole country that include the food as much as the scenery, the personality, of course culture and others. After all, I want to exclaim 'English meal is tasty'.


In addition, I am always amazed at the enormous volume of a dish, nevertheless I think I am a big eater for a Japanese.
For the full English breakfast we usually have a glass of juice or some cut fruits (sometimes both of them), yogurt, and cereal (a large variety of cereal with milk and sugar ), a large pot of tea with milk, triangle crisp toasts (with butter, some kind of jam, marmalade and marmite) after a while, the main dish (few pieces of bacon, some sausages, some large mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, cooked eggs that you can order how to cook), sometimes boiled beans.
This breakfast is quite delicious. My stomach begin moving when I remember the full English while having a short walk before the breakfast.
As I usually have full English breakfast, I don't feel hungry at about noon and then, I almost have some shortbreads or few chocolates for lunch. However, if I have a plan to have a cream tea at the special tea shop that I have ever seen in the travel guide or on website, my stomach cans controls to digest all the morning food.
Of course English people ordinarily have lighter breakfast, I have ever heard.

フルーツ フルイングリッシュブレックファスト スモークトハドック


You will find that people have a heavy meal for lunch in a restaurant or a pub. On the large plate there are a huge fried white fish and uncountable number of chips of potatoes in a heap. (This is just the thing that is called fish and chips.) On the jacket potato's plate there are two large baked potatoes, which are bigger than my grip and lots of butter. Usually it is eaten with some catsup, wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Because of the enormous volume I always have one dish with my wife.

クリムティー フィッシュアンドチップス デザート

For a dinner you will find in the menu that is made up of starters, main dishes and desserts. As for relish you will have a dish of boiled vegetables and flied potatoes. I seldom eat all the dishes except having dinner in the elegant restaurant.
A starter seems as much as a main dish volume except a dish of salad and soup. Always I enjoy a main dish with a bottle of wine or a few pints of beer. If I want to have more, I choice some desserts. I like alcoholic beverages and sweet things equally well. However, I have sometimes seen that English people had unfinished their dishes.
It seems that people do not have a custom to share their food with others. I usually order the different dish from my wife, and I enjoy to taste both dishes. But I wonder whether sharing is against the manners or not. I have to check on it.

ガモンステーキ オマールエビ レモンソール


It's difficult to understand the menu in English the moment I read, so that I always have a hard time of it. I have heard that in the cooking terms there are a lot of French. Nevertheless I study the name of the dishes in the various menus-how to cook, what ingredients, before my departure from Japan but when I read the menu in a pub or a restaurant I always break into a cold sweat.
I have had surprised main dish, before. I could read in the menu「 Shell Mo ・・・・・」. I ordered the dish because I had supposed that it might had been cooked some kind of shellfish. After a while the waiter served me a huge bowl with mussels in a heap. They looked like wine steam mussels. Approximately there were over seventy. And the same size bowl was set beside it that was empty. I understood the bowl would be for the shells. In addition to that, the waiter brought a dish with lots of chips and a bread. Our table was covered with two huge bowls and other dishes. Though I have ever eaten a few mussels as an appetizer in the Italian restaurant or in the paella in the Spanish cooking, I began to eat with my heart beating fast. Mussel, Mussel, Wine, Mussel, Wine, Mussel・・・・・l When I had eaten twenty mussels, I was bored the dishes. The number of the mussel might be more than I ever have eaten in my life.
And then I exchanged the mussels with the prawn cooking that my wife had ordered . Both bowls have got weight. But beyond my prospect, my wife has eaten all the remaining mussels cheerfully. Of course I was astonished to see her. She looked satisfied to eat a heap of mussels, I was surprised her strong stomach again. (From what I hear, the dish is a positive main dish in Belgian cooking.) ・・・・・・


On another day I found in the menu 「 Grilled ・・・・・ cheese 」. I imagined that grilled cheese would be tasteful with wine. On the large dish there were two loaf of pure white cheese with grilled marks, and I have never seen such a dish. When I took a bite out of the cheese I felt if I would have eaten a soap. That was not to my taste disappointedly.
But I tried to sprinkle some salt, a few pepper and a few drops of wine vinegar on it. The more I ate it with some chips, I felt it very tasty. That made me fun. I would like shout out "English meals are good taste." (I have the same opinion as Prof.Hayashi.)